Brain/Nerve and Joint Patient

Testimonial from Medical Practitioner we have treated – Brain/Nerve and Joint Issues Best thing I did was get the neuronal stem cells injected into my right piriformis instead of SC into my abdominal fat. Prior to the injection I was suffering from an impact trauma to my right piriformis which left me with a sciatic problem with numbness and burning that ran down my leg. (In 20% of people the sciatic nerve transverses the piriformis). It was really painful to run, which is what I love to do, and could not complete a race. So now, 3-1/2 months out, it's about 80 percent better, and I have joined a running group that completes a 10-miler every Saturday, and I have no pain at the end of the 10 miles. Nothing I did different, just the neuronal stem cell injection. In addition, from the previous stem cell injection, I did PRP on B/L knees 5 months after the IV fetal stem cells and have not had a knee problem since; it's now been a year and a half and I run about 18-20 miles per week. Based on my experience, it is my recommendation that everyone with osteoarthritis either get stem cells directly injected into their joints in addition to, and at the time of their IV therapy, or do what I did: 5 months out from the IV therapy, do the PRP therapy. That way there are thousands more available stems cells in their plasma that are available to repair joints. Regarding improvement in brain function, that takes a little longer. My memory, focus, concentration, processing speed, and word recall have all definitely improved. I plan to continue with fetal stem cell therapy on an annual or biannual schedule to repair/rebuild my damaged cells, while eliminating the causes of the damage. Without the stem cells I don't think there is much hope for a full recovery. Thank you for all that you do!

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